What if I join/leave OSCA mid-semester?


You will be charged or refunded for the number of whole weeks remaining in the semester on the effective date of your co-op entry or departure. Any year-end refunds or bills will be calculated based on the number of weeks you were certain co-ops as an OSCA member.

You will not, however, be refunded if you do not notify OSCA that you want to leave your co-op by the Wednesday, 4PM, before the final semester changes in November (for Fall) and in April (for Spring). This policy is in place to deter students from switching to Campus Dining Services (CDS) just for finals (because no one will take your place, which puts a lot of extra work on everyone else during a stressful academic time).

I’m waiting on loans and scholarships to pay my semester bill. What do I do?


Be aware that loans and scholarships are applied directly to your account at the Oberlin College’s Office of Student Accounts. If you are in a co-op, your College account will have surplus funds because you are billed directly by OSCA. You will need to request a credit refund from the Student Accounts Office in 25 Carnegie Hall. If the loans or scholarships will not be available until after the due date of your OSCA bill, you will also need to notify or talk to the OSCA Treasurer. Note that your College account credit refund check will be made out directly to you, so you will need to stop by the OSCA office and endorse your check over to OSCA.

What happens if I can’t make a payment?


OSCA offers payment plans, and the OSCA Foundation offers Financial Need Scholarships allocated at $500 and $1,000 award amounts. Tell the Treasurer in advance if you’re having problems paying on time, and we can almost always work something out! If a member has neither paid their semester bill nor notified OSCA within 30 days after the due date, the expulsion procedures will begin. If you are expelled, you cannot join OSCA until overdue balance is paid. If you have a remaining balance in your account, your name may be turned over to a collection agency.

Do Students Save Money by Being in OSCA?


OSCA charges less than the College-run programs for both housing and dining. Most underclass students are required to live on campus, and almost all students eat on campus. Because we are student-operated and at-cost, a student eating in OSCA instead of in Campus Dining Services saves thousands of dollars per year. Additionally students save even more if they live in OSCA.

Additionally, OSCA’s sister organization, OSCA Foundation, has a scholarship program, through which members of OSCA can have a third of their board bill subsidized by OF.

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