UNAG in San Juan de Limay

UNAG-Estelí is divided according to the seven municipalities present in the department. The leaders of the UNAG who organized our trip insisted that we get to know the situation of the other municipalities before spending time with families in Limay. Visiting other communities was very helpful in making us understanding the particular situation of the municipality of Limay. San Juan de Limay is the hottest and driest municipality in the region and has the highest poverty rates in the region. People often struggle to get crop yields that will support themselves and any livestock they might have. Hurricane Mitch devastated the region in 1998 and many homes still show its destruction. The majority of young men from Limay immigrate to Costa Rica or the United States, as there is essentially no industry or business in Limay.

The municipality of Limay contains twenty-three communities with varying populations. Each community elects two UNAG leaders (a man and a woman) who represent their community members in the office in Limay. The office in Limay only employs three people who are in charge serving all the communities. This makes the visits and organizing reunions often difficult. UNAG members, however, often told us that the UNAG was the only organization that had ever help them, and despite some difficulties, the UNAG enables women to substantially improve their lives through the loan fund.