How To Pay My OSCA Bill

When is my bill due?

Fall semester: Bills were sent out on August 26th.  It is due September 30th.
Spring semester: Bills will be sent out in late January. It is due 30 days later. 

How do I pay my bill?

Mail check (OSCA does not accept cash or credit card) to:

Oberlin Student Cooperative Association
P.O. Box 118
Oberlin, OH 44074

What if I can't afford to pay my whole bill right now?

You can sign a payment plan to break your bill into 3 easy payments due on the 15th of each month (Fall semester: 010/15, 11/15, & 12/25.  Spring semester: 03/15, 04/15, & 05/15.) You can also sign a payment plan to delay your due date if you are waiting on loans to come in or a check is in the mail and won’t get to OSCA in time. 

In order for payment plans to be valid, we need your signature. Your parents can’t call in and ask for one, you need to trek up to the OSCA office (Wilder 402) and sign one yourself. Note: when you sign a payment plan, it is your responsibility to make your payments on time, reminders will not be sent.  If you do not pay by the due dates, a 1% compounding finance charge will be added to your account each month that you are late.

I already paid the College side or I transferred from CDS into OSCA. How do I get the College to transfer money to OSCA?

If you transfer from CDS to OSCA, you will have a credit in your student account, since CDS is more expensive than OSCA.  You can either visit the Student Account/Bursars office, which is located in Carnegie, on your left if you enter from Lorain Street/Rt. 511 or simply fill out a very brief form and submit request to student accounts with this form on the College site.  

Student Accounts will NOT know how much you owe OSCA. Your OSCA invoice is emailed to you and a copy is sent to your home address so please know the amount before you try to request monies Payable to OSCA. 

What if I/my parent didn't receive a bill?

Check with the Treasurer or Financial Manager to make sure we have the correct address.  (We send an invoice to both your student email and to what we believe is your correct parent’s address, because we don’t know who pays your bill). If an invoice was already sent, it is your responsibility to make sure we receive payment on time.  Ask how much you owe if you do not know.

What if I don't pay on time?

OSCA starts to charge you a 1% compounding finance charge once your account is past due. If it is more than 45 days past due, OSCA will expel you from your co-op. You cannot live or dine in OSCA again until your bill is paid in full.

I thought my mom/dad/legal guardian paid my bill. It's not my fault that my payment is late.

As a student in College, you are considered an adult. You need to be responsible to make sure your bill is paid on time.  It is not OSCA’s responsibility to hassle you or your parents to pay on time. Confirm with OSCA ahead of the due date that your bill has been paid (you can do this by phone, 440-775-6866 or email The OSCA Membership relies on your timely payment.