Third World Social Justice Housing Application

Please Do Not Write Your Name On This Application!

If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact the OSCA Office.

(440) 775-8108 or e-mail


The Third World Social Justice Co-op serves the following purposes:

  1. To better inform members in the co-op about current social justice issues.
  2. To engage with the efforts of other identity-based student organizations within the Oberlin community.
  3. To contribute to meaningful social justice efforts through community growth and shared experience.
  4. To participate in educational activities and events related to social justice and race with the goal of fostering racial unsocial justice and equity while working to address and counteract racism.
  5. To provide a space in which members feel safe educating and challenging each other in a positive and constructive manner.
  6. To acquaint members with conscientious cooperative work.

The members may choose to hold programs that educate others about topics that include themes of social justice and race. However, this space does not exist for the purpose of educating other people about oppression.


Applying to be a member of Third World Social Justice housing does not guarantee acceptance into the co-op and does not guarantee a spot on co-op’s housing wait list. The application will be anonymous and confidential.

Two spaces will be reserved for for first-year and transfer students. Applications for first-year and transfer students will be reviewed in June.

Members of Third World Social Justice housing do not have to reapply each academic year in order to continue being in the housing co-op if they lived there during the previous semester. Membership expires after a member does not live in Third World Social Justice housing for a semester, and they must reapply to become a member if they wish to live in Third World Social Justice housing again.

Please Note:

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  2. You must be signed-up on the OSCA wait list in order to be placed into TWSJ. The OSCA wait list can be linked to from the home page.

A membership selection committee will review your application. Your name will not be revealed to the committee. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.

Please remember to take a look at the history and purpose on the previous page – make sure that the Third World Social Justice Co-op is the right place for you. Please write a response to the following questions. There is no minimum, but please try not to exceed 5000 words in any one part of your essay. Keep in mind that this is the only information we have to base our decision on, so share as much as you are comfortable sharing.
If you select "No", you will be given the opportunity to sign up on the OSCA Wait List after you submit this form.

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