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Please remember to take a look at the charter and mission statement on the previous page – make sure that TWC is the right place for you.

Perhaps identity is partly the culmination of historical legacy, causing rise to the experiences that we believe are integral to our composition. Such things like race, ethnic or even national backgrounds to class or economic standing, citizenship status, gender, and sexual orientation can force us to live a legacy of oppression, prejudice, and marginalization. Who we are, then, can innately put us at odds with society at large. Third World Co-op is meant to provide a safe space for those of us who feel these odds. Reflecting on these things, please write your own narrative. What's your story? Why are you filling out this application right now?

So write a response to the following questions. There is no minimum, but keep in mind that this is the only information we have to base our decision on, so share as much as you are comfortable sharing.

How does your experience and sense of identity, with an emphasis on citizenship status, race, ethnicity, economic standing and class, gender, and sexual orientation illustrate your need and desire to be in Third World Co-op? Why is TWC your first choice over CDS and other co-ops? How do you expect TWC to serve these needs or fulfill those desires? It would be nice to hear things about yourself before and at Oberlin.

Maximum word limit: 2000 words.
Maximum word limit: 2000 words.
Maximum word limit: 2000 words.
If you are applying for Fall or Spring semester and you select "No", you will be given the opportunity to sign up on the OSCA Wait List after you submit this form.

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