Pyle Inn

Serving 80–120 students a semester, Pyle Inn is Oberlin’s largest food cooperative. Nestled in Asia House’s brick walls, Pyle offers hungry Obies a large but cozy space to eat and chat on wooden tables and chairs. Before Stevenson, Pyle served as one of Oberlin’s many cafeterias. As a result, Pyle’s dinning area allows co-opers a functional place to cook for and serve themselves efficiently. When weather permits, Pyle members often enjoy the weather and choose to eat outside in the Asia House courtyard.

Physical structure aside, Pyle members represent a good cross section of Obies. Hours are also great comparatively, as Pyle requires four while many co-ops demand five. There are many jobs to chose from, and many multiples to ensure enough of those highly demanded treats are made. Maintaining accountability and intimacy, Pyle offers a great place to eat, cook (or even learn how to), compost, and most importantly, meet new people. Pyle is an exceptional community, and like any other, it depends completely on those who choose it!

— Kaitlyn Gam