Other Co-operative Organizations

Organizations Furthering the Co-op Movement

  • North American Students of Co-operation (NASCO) has a lot of useful links and some internship and employment information.
  • Search for Co-ops in North America using the NASCO page
  • National Association of Housing Co-operatives
  • Federation of Intentional Communities
  • International Co-operative Alliance
  • Centre for the Study of Co-operatives
  • Intentional Communities Links to co-ops around
  • National Cooperative Business Association of which we are a member.

Individual Co-op Organizations

  • Oberlin Recycled Products Co-op
  • Circle Pines Center
  • Qumbya Cooperative
  • The Center for Cooperatives at UC Davis
  • University Students' Cooperative Association, Berkeley, CA. Largest student co-op system in country and cheapest rent in San Francisco area.
  • Madison Community Co-ops 9 student and community co-ops based around the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
  • Students' Cooperative Association (SCA), Eugene OR. Members must be enrolled in at least one class but many are not full time students.
  • Ontario Student Cooperative Association another OSCA.
  • Austin Cooperatives. Contains links to co-ops in the greater Austin, TX area.
  • Synergy, one of a few Stanford University coops.
  • Purdue Cooperative Council, an affiliation of 12 co-ops in Purdue University.
  • University of Michigan Student Cooperatives, the Inter Co-op Council of 20 houses.
  • 3 Los Angeles Coops
  • Brown Association for Cooperative Housing, two housing co-ops at Brown University.
  • Dudley Co-op, a small cooperative in Cambridge, MA serving students of Harvard University. A small minority of Harvard students who are fairly different from their peers.
  • Pika, a co-op of MIT.
  • Cooperative Living of Seattle

Cooperatives in Other Countries

  • Moora Moora Co-operative Community in Australia.
  • Canadian Cohousing Network
  • Kvutsat Yovel, an English-speaking Kibbutz in Israel.

Other Co-Op Resources

  • Intentional Community Database (ICDB), search for coops, cohousing, communities, etc.