Fairchild—more commonly referred to as “Fairkid”—is a dining-only OSCA cooperative in the basement of Fairchild Hall. Fairkid is one of the smaller co-ops on campus, with approximately 60-65 people each semester, who share a tight-knit community filled with supportive, generous and conscientious students. Fairchild is known for its careful attention to where food comes from, what the consumption of that food does to society, and how food affects the people who eat it. Due to this high level of “food-consciousness,” Fairchild is a meat-free co-op that has been “banana free since 1983,” although a large sum of its members are meat- and banana-eaters. Fairchildren and non-Fairchildren alike have described the food as innovative, vegan-tastic and awesome. Fairchildren are also known to be avid supporters of social and political discourse on topics that range from oppression to food politics, globalization, trade issues and many other cool things. All in all, Fairchildren have brought sexy back—to what no one is sure—but it is surely a community that comprises students who are, as one member said, “Adorable with a vengeance.”

— Francesca Krihely