History of OSCA

OSCA is a historic organization with a history of creating passionate communities working for radical societal change. Even at its' roots in the 1950s and 60s, OSCA was on the forefront of a movement for independent student living (dorms not overseen by "house mothers") and co-ed (all gender) housing and dining, in a time when this was unheard of. Throughout the years OSCA has engaged in social justice issues, taking stances on fair labor practices in agriculture, and creating policies to reduce our environmental impact, as well as participating in boycotts and working to create partnerships with other like-minded organizations nationally and internationally. Each year OSCA also hosts a symposium on Privilege and Oppression, which all members are required to attend. Members of OSCA are continually in the process of looking to make OSCA and the larger world a more just place.

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