About OSCA

OSCA is a student-owned and student-operated non-profit corporation that provides at-cost housing and dining services to around 600 students at Oberlin College (25% of the student body). As an organization, OSCA is entirely separate from Oberlin College, but all OSCA member-owners are Oberlin College students. Each member of OSCA contributes a certain number of hours of work to their respective co-op each week. Members are in charge of almost every task, including food purchasing, cooking, cleaning, coordinating work charts, overseeing co-op Food Safety, sitting on the Board of Representatives, and more. Together 8 co-ops make up the umbrella organization of OSCA, and each individual OSCA co-op is responsible for its own day-to-day operations. All-OSCA staff members and employees of OSCA oversee general OSCA functioning. Through the All-OSCA structure, all 8 co-ops are able to function as a united organization.

Want to know more about OSCA? Read the OSCA f.a.q.

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